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eBuy Contract:

On August 31, 2001 Postal Products Unlimited Inc. entered into eBuy Contract Number 412735-97-H-1512-M002 with the U.S. Postal Service. This Contract Award mandates Postal Products Unlimited's equipment and supplies be converted to eBuy. eBuy automates the buying process from ordering to payment on Postal Products Unlimited's full product line. The Postal Service will save money on the purchase price of every line item ordered on eBuy from Postal Products Unlimited. For example, the Postal Service will receive end-column pricing on all eBuy orders regardless of quantity. Additionally, the USPS receives a periodic rebate based on the total nationwide value of Postal Products Unlimited orders placed through eBuy.

USPS facilities may order these products through the USPS intranet site at Select Equip. & Supplies - Postal Products Unlimited and browse the categories listed. Payments will be charged to the specified FEDSTRIP.

eBuy Contract Information (412735-97-H-1512-M002)

Pricing: The eBuy contract specifies additional discounted pricing from our National Ordering Agreement by offering end column NOA pricing, regardless of quantity ordered. Postal Products also rebates the Postal Service based on the total nation-wide value of eBuy orders placed with our company.

Ordering: Orders are placed via the eBuy website and are forwarded to Postal Products for fulfillment. Offices not connected to the eBuy website may call Postal Products at 1-800-229-4500 and we will manually enter their orders and bill their FEDSTRIP.

Minimum Ordering Requirements: None

Payment: All eBuy orders are charged to the indicated FEDSTRIP number.

Shipping: Postage is prepaid and added to the FEDSTRIP. All orders placed on the eBuy site will ship Standard Mail, thus keeping the money for shipment within the USPS system. Products that exceed the weight or dimensional requirements for shipping through the mail stream will ship via Government-Bills of Lading issued by Postal Products. Customers seeking expedited shipping via Priority or Express Mail must call our Customer Service Department and request the change.

eBuy Advanced Search: Find eBuy item numbers by typing the Postal Products model # into the Model Number Contains field in the Advanced Search.

Topeka MDC Direct Vendor Delivery Program:

The USPS Topeka Material Distribution Center enters into agreement with Postal Products Unlimited Inc. to stock frequently used items. These items are part of an ongoing project to take advantage of price reductions on frequently used items and making them available by ordering through the Topeka MDC. New items are announced in the Postal Bulletin and added to Publication 247; Material Management Supply and Equipment Catalog.

Postal Products Unlimited, Inc. also has an agreement with the United States Postal Service to supply equipment and supplies that are discontinued or out-of-stock from the Material Distribution Centers.

Ordering Instructions and Fulfillment Process for the Topeka MDC Products in this Catalog

  1. Place order with Material Distribution Center.

    Order via Mail: Send Form 7380 or 7381 to Material Distribution Center, Attn: Supply Requisitions, 500 SW Gary Ormsby Dr., Topeka, KS 66624-9702.
    Order via Phone: (Touch Tone Order Entry): Call the Material Distribution Center at 1-800-332-0317 and choose option 1 then option 2. You will need the 13 digit SN number and Fed Strip.
    Order via CC Mail: Forward a completed F3 Fill to the Material Distribution Center at: MDC Customer Service.
    Order via Email: Send Form 7380 or 7381 to the Material Distribution Center at:

  2. Pay with Fedstrip. Delivery included in price on orders placedthrough Topeka only.
  3. Order ships directly to your postal facility

National Ordering Agreement (NOA):

NOA Contract: Number 412735-97-H-1512 (July ‘97)

In 1997, Postal Products Unlimited, Inc. has become one of a select group of suppliers awarded a National Ordering Agreement with the United States Postal Service (#412735-97-A-0389). Many of the supplies and equipment listed in the latest editions of Postal Products Unlimited, Inc. catalogs are available for purchase under the National Ordering Agreement. Up to 50% discounts are available. Savings to the U.S. Postal Service since the inception of the National Ordering Agreement (7/24/97) has been over $6 million dollars. ($6,770,030.00)

Period CoveringSavings to USPS
April 1-June 30 2nd Quarter 2002$304,279.39
Jan 1-March 31 1st Quarter 2002$312,136.25
For Year Ended Dec 31, 2001$1,244,691.19
For Year Ended DEC 31, 2000$1,354,775.11
For Year Ended DEC 31, 1999$1,125,685.32
For Year Ended DEC 31, 1998$1,872,596.39
Oct 1-DEC 31 4th Quarter 1997$415,514.58
July 1-Sept 30 3rd Quarter 1997$140,352.77

USPS Official Licensee:

Postal Products Unlimited, Inc. is your source for officially licensed U.S. Postal Service promotional items (Contract #483083-02-4-0591) Choose from an approved selection of Sportswear, Collectibles, Employee Recognition Awards, and Marketing Give Aways. Postal Products Unlimited pays royalties to the U.S. Postal Service on the sale of all licensed merchandise. Products featuring the U.S. Postal Service logo comply with Graphic Guidelines.

Other Contracts:

Postal Products Unlimited, Inc. Has Been Awarded Numerous Contracts in the Past Decade. A few of the Contracts Awarded Since 1997 are listed Below. Thank You for These Opportunities.

Our success as a versatile contract manufacturer has been demonstrated with the completion of national contracts for REDI and CADA products. For example:

PSIN D1200FCarrier Satchels
PSIN D1211ACarrier Satchel Shoulder Strap
PSIN 0917C25 Year Service Pin
PSIN 0917E40 Year Service Pin
PSIN 0917H45 Year Service Pin
PSIN 0917G30 Year Service Pin
PSIN 0917D35 Year Service Pin
PSIN 124C117Dividers, City Carrier Cases
PSIN 127BStool, Carrier and General Utility, 23"
PSIN 127CStool, Carrier and General Utility, 26"
PSIN 1037Consumer Service Card Holder
* Plus all four national contract awards for CSBCS separator cards.*

Postal Products Unlimited, Inc. is Awarded National Contract for Mobile Data Collection Device Replacement Parts (Award Number 412735-99-B-0355)

• The replacement parts are supplied in a MDCD kit made up of 19 different components. PSIN: MDCDKIT

Postal Products Unlimited is Awarded National Contract for Electrical Tiedown Straps (Award Number 266351-99-B-0981) PSIN: 0625A

In 2001 and 2002, Postal Products Unlimited, Inc. was awarded three separate contracts for US Postal Service approved HEPA Vacuums

  1. Contract # 089480-02-P-0127: $3,494,275.00
  2. Contract # 089480-02-P-0148: $712,825.42
  3. Contract # 089480-02-P-0265: $1,289,899.02